“Mien Me” is an ongoing project by Alexander Benz He started it in late 2015 and is based on his earlier work where he has used high speed film to document people around him in a nonintrusive way.


Most subjects in his work are strangers and he often only gets a brief moment of interaction. He is interested in the relationship between people and their every-day environment, how they fit into this world, metaphorically and literally speaking.


The work happens naturally, but most of the pictures are reenactments of something seen at that very moment. An instant that is slightly staged there and then only, blurring the line between documentary and purely set up photography. He likes to portray the people he photographs as intimate as possible and show what the person radiates naturally, reflecting an identity based on his observation.



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Vega Cottage, by Kolman-Boye-Architects, stands on the island of Vega in the Norwegian archipelago not far from the polar circle. The site is distinctive for its grand and harsh northern landscape with wide panoramas of the Norwegian Sea and the jagged mountains rising from it.

Seemingly growing from the landscape, the house sits on a rock beneath a granite shoulder negotiating the uneven terrain. As not to disturb the dominant view towards the sea, access to the house is given through a narrow natural ravine densely grown with gnarled birch shrubs and laid out with sea-sand from the nearby shore. The surrounding landscape remains untouched and wild.

Images: Åke E:son Lindman / Kolman Boye Architects

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Take-Off Light, by fifty-fifty, is a lampshade made of two sheets of paper with a very fine pattern of laser stitches which can be enlarged at will. You can determine yourself where you want the light to passes through the lamp-shade which leads to an endless variety of light/shade structures and patterns. To see more of fifty-fifty’s work, go here.


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Those beautiful Crafted Systems products, by Aurelie Tu, are uniquely woven from 100% natural wool felt and assembled by hand. By nature they are textured with varying degrees of dimension and lift to the surface. They exhibit both a simple, geometric modern appeal and also a warm, hand-crafted quality. For more information go here.

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“Through digital communication like Facebook, Twitter, online dating and personal websites, the representation of our personality becomes more and more streamlined. We have the possibility to project an idea of how we are as a person into the world around us, but with the constant option of censoring information and invent fictional characteristics. Never have we had access to so much information about each other, and never has the information been so unreliable.”
To read more about this project and see more work by Johan Rosenmunte, go here.

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This project, by Brighton based photographer Joseph Ford, combines aerial landscapes with matching fashion. To perfectly combine the two different shots must have taken quite some time in planning and executing. I just love those diptychs and the fresh approach to combine fashion with landscapes like this. to see more of Ford’s work, go here.

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Dropping, by Alberto Seveso, are fluid sculptures made of mixed ink and oil, captured using high-speed photography.
The title is very important to Alberto, because it is a tribute to the master of the dripping technique, Jackson Pollock. To see more of his work, go here.

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Echoviren is a simple shelter, a hermitage, a place of temporary rest and contemplation of the forest. Spanning 10 x 10 x 8 feet, the translucent white enclosure, stands stark and artificial against the natural palette of reds and greens of the forest.

Smith|Allen is participating in the Project 387 Residency, located in Mendocino Country. In the heart of a 150-acre redwood forest, the collaborative duo has created a site responsive, 3D printed architectural installation (the largest of it’s kind): Echoviren. The project merges architecture, art and technology to explore the dialectic between man, machine and nature.

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A rather unusual post for QBV, but this video is aesthetically so beautifully done that I had to post it. Since we don’t have a category for sports it will be filed under Food, Performance and Video. :)

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Time Tilings are wonderful site specific video projection interventions by Pablo Valbuena. Having worked with several outdoor video projections myself too, I can’t help but still be fascinated by the effect it has on its immediate surrounding.

Pablo Valbuena writes: ”Architecture is judged by eyes that see, by the head that turns, and the legs that walk. Architecture is not a synchronic phenomenon but a successive one, made up of pictures adding themselves one to the other, following each other in time and space, like music.”

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Soft Light, by Simon Frambach, is a soft and flexible light shade made of foamed polyurethane. Its curvy fluent shape that resembles a calabash pumpkin provokes an organic and familiar appearance for a thoroughly synthetic and industrialised material. Soft Light can be placed in unused spaces like cavities in furniture and other places as an object that fills a void in one’s living environment. Its warm and tangible surface invites to touching and literally feeling light. The result is a light which is extremely flexible in use without having a technical characteristic. For more details, go here.

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I have written about architecture built in small spaces between houses before, but this project by Mateusz Mastalski + Ole Robin Storjohann, is the most playful yet. Live Between Buildings! is a proposal for the New Vision of Loft 2 Competition organized by roof window manufacturer Fakro, which aims to create a new way of living in the city. For more info on the project, go here.


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Phoesy is poetry made by using a phone and its auto suggested words when tweeting or texting. Start a poem by choosing a word or topic you would like to write about. After that you can only select from the auto suggested words to create a meaningful sentence.

The idea behind Phoesy is to express yourself in a relevant way by using the limited amount of options given to you by your smartphone. The auto suggested words are a combination of your vocabulary used when communicating with others, as well as preset suggestions created by your phones software.

To get more info about this and to read more poems, go here.

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Exploded Flowers 01

Exploded Flowers 02

Exploded Flowers 03

Exploded Flowers is a new photo series by artist Fong Qi Wei, showing the radial symmetry of flowers and individual floral components. This series is inspired partially by Todd McLellan’s Disassembly series. The series placed second in the International Photography Awards

To see more of this beautiful body of work, go here.


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Zieharsofika, by Meike Harde, shows new methods of upholstery construction, aiming to create a stiff cushion from a flat foam mat. By re-thinking cushioning techniques, the project uses conventional rubber foam mats which, with the help of elastic bands, come out as an ornamental form. To get more info go here.

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Spot, a design collaboration by the students of National University of Singapore and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, is a multipurpose light that can be hung, hand-held, or simply placed on a surface. It can function as a torch, desk lamp, ambient light, or wall light – use it however and whenever you like! To get more info about Spot, go here and here.

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Lovely project by New York based product designer and illustrator Sadi Tekin. Chickpeas placed and photographed in the streets of New York City. To see more work by Sadi, go here.

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A Million Times is the latest piece by Stockholm based studio Humans Since 1982 made for Victor Hunt Gallery. The installation is made of 288 single clocks. The installation can be controlled via an iPad using customised software.  To see more work by Humans Since 1982, go here.

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The Windows of New York project is a weekly illustrated fix for an obsession that has increasingly grown in José Guizar since chance put him in that town. A product of countless steps of journey through the city streets, this is a collection of windows that somehow have caught his restless eye out from the never-ending buzz of the city. This project is part an ode to architecture and part a self-challenge to never stop looking up. José Guizar is a Graphic Designer living in New York City. To see more of his wok, go here.

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The name Lumio is inspired by the idea of an illuminated book. The light turns on when you open the cover and turns off when it’s closed. Lumio illuminates when you need light and stows away compactly when unused, ideal for modern living.

Adjust the lamp as your lighting needs change throughout the day. Use it as a table lamp, a wall sconce, ceiling pendant, ambient lighting, outdoor lighting or come up with your own unique ways to use Lumio.

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New York: Night and Day is a combination of non-traditional video time-lapse and animation. Philip Stockton filmed day and night scenes from around New York City and combined them back into single sequences using rotoscoping techniques. The piece explores the relationships between night and day, by compositing together scenes shot in the same location over a time period ranging from 4 – 8 hours. It feels like a wonderful collage of time and space.

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Porcelain Lamp, by Studio EM.

Inspired by the shipyards of Rotterdam, this lamp is adjustable in height with a pulley system. While the use of black porcelain gives this old mechanism a sturdy new look, the pastels make the material look soft and fresh. The optional counterweight of each lamp is custom made to ensure a perfect balance in weight.

To see more work by Studio WM go here.


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I meant to listen to their new album since it came out in September, but I didn’t manage until today. Well, personally I think that this is their best work yet and I can’t get enough of it. So watch Chained, Directed by Young Replicant, and let yourself be inspired. Visit The XX website to get more information about them.

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Just came across those fascinating photographs by  Jay Mark Johnson, depicting our surrounding a bit different than we are used to. Basically, everything that is moving becomes visible and everything that is standing still shows up “blurry”. Here is a brief explanation of the slit camera technique he is using to record those images:
Johnson produces photographic images that challenge the norms of perception. Employing a process that is distinct from conventional photography, he creates works that merge the recording of space and time into a single, linear “spacetime” continuum. The resulting photographs are akin to both seismographs and electrocardiograms in that, as timelines, they begin on the left and end on the right. The horizontal length of the image conveys an uninterrupted and fluid measurement of a brief span of time, varying in duration from 10 seconds up to 45 minutes. Text by ACE Gallery

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Line 02 by Thomas Vailly is a versatile and low tech way to produce fluid and organic plastic shapes. Latex sheets are like numeric surfaces, and can be stretched, scaled and blown to create an infinity of fluid volumes. Line 02 is a dialog between 3D-modeling, rapid prototyping, craftsmanship and design. To get more information about Line 02, go here.


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